SmarTrac is FDA registered*. It’s the only “smart” patient compliance sensor in the market today. It enables Physicians, Therapists, NCM’s and Adjustors to monitor Home Exercise Program (HEP) compliance and so much more. Its “plug and play” design makes it easy to use.


Accurate Data. 100% HIPAA Compliant!

SmarTrac enables health care professionals to monitor patient compliance for Home Exercise Program (HEP). And Unlike other TeleRehab devices, SmarTrac is seamlessly incorporated into therapist’s normal routine because it DOES NOT require any “hands on” programming by therapists.  It also requires zero patient interaction between exercises, making it the only “plug and play” solution in the market today.

SmarTrac provides more than only patient compliance. It delivers critical information to healthcare providers by accurately monitoring and recording various elements of physical therapy exercises such as range of motion data, pain scores, oxygen pulse oximeter readings, active and resting heart rate scores, etc. These features enable providers to better diagnose, document, and deliver treatment to improve patient outcomes. Moreover, SmarTrac allows providers to easily collect important information such as Patient Recorded Outcome Surveys (e.g. KOOS and DASH), without any hassle or time-consuming paperwork.

Ensure Patient Compliance

SmarTrac’s ability to monitor individualized vital signs provides physiological feedback assuring that the injured worker is indeed the person using the sensor. SmarTrac’s proprietary algorithms will establish individualized baseline and active physiological benchmarks thus bringing objectivity and consistency to patient collected data such as pain score, and more. 

SmarTrac prevents inadvertent or deliberate fraud as it only records actual “rehab motions”. Other wearable sensors in the market are unreliable as they can easily be manipulated by patient, resulting in inaccurate performance readings.

Exercises performed by patients are securely logged to be accessed and reviewed by Providers.

Easily monitor and evaluate patient range of motion and pain scores.

View how much time patients spend performing their rehabilitation exercises.

The SmarTrac apps also captures patient heart rate, oxygen pulse oximeter and comes with a step counter.


SmarTrac “AI” documents individualized resting and non-resting heart rate, along with oxygen intake and performs cross analysis to pain scores and HEP participation.

Easily access Patient Progress Reports, such as DASH, KOOS, etc.

The SmarTrac app comes with a comprehensive video library produced by licensed Therapists to ensure patient understands proper mechanics for exercises to be performed.


Capture Patient feedback right on the SmarTrac app. When a patient completes their exercises, they can enter personal comments in the chat-box that can be reviewed by their Therapist and Doctor prior to their next meeting.


Patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) – defined as standardized, validated questionnaires completed by patients to measure their perception of their functional well-being and health status (quality of life). These are the same PROM’s used by Medicare.

FDA-Registered Medical Device

Registration with the FDA does not indicate the device(s) have been approved or cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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Feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to answer all of your questions about SmarTrac.

Feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to answer all of your questions about SmarTrac.

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