SmarTrac For Worker's Compensation

With SmarTrac, Workers Comp Professionals finally have ability to document HEP patient compliance as they have access to accurate and dependable data, reports and analytics right from the SmarTrac dashboard. This information will help WC Professionals better manage patient care and reduce employer costs.


Most physical therapists and nurse case managers agree a majority of injured patients are not fully compliant with their home exercise programs. Lack of compliance with HEP leads to increased costs and delay of employees’ return to work. Additionally, the ability to objectively document HEP compliance will reduce employer litigation costs.

With SmarTrac, WC Professionals can rest assured that they will have access to accurate and dependable data, reports and analytics right from the SmarTrac dashboard, including:

  • Exercises performed
  • Range of motion scores
  • Pain scores
  • PROM scores - Patient-reported outcome measures (Quality of life surveys)
  • Improve Patient Compliance
  • Better Outcomes
  • Return To Work Faster
  • Reduce False Injury Claims
  • Reduce Need For Surveillance Companies
  • Provide Better Care In Rural Areas
  • Reduce Transportation Costs
  • Reduce In-Clinic PT Visits

Ensure Patient Compliance

SmarTrac’s ability to monitor individualized vital signs provides physiological feedback assuring that the injured worker is indeed the person using the sensor.
SmarTrac’s proprietary algorithms will establish individualized baseline and active physiological benchmarks thus bringing objectivity and consistency to patient collected data such as pain score, and more. SmarTrac prevents inadvertent or deliberate fraud as it only records actual “rehab motions”. Some wearable sensors in the market are unreliable as they can easily be manipulated by patient, resulting in inaccurate performance readings. 

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